Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Measures and Cleaning Service

As you are aware, the world is having to face a new challenge of Covid-19 which has become increasingly concerning due to the growing cases worldwide. For this reason, it is imperative the World Health Organisation guidelines are stringently followed, which reinforces the importance of disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces, furniture and equipment within a household/work force amongst staying at home and the practice of social distancing.

At The Multi-Solver (TMS), we provide an exquisite cleaning service for kitchen, bathrooms, upholstery, carpets/rugs, flooring, mattresses and more! We are fully equipped not only with high quality, professional organic cleaning detergents however with advanced cleaning machines. We specialize in using the Hot Water Extraction method which is also known as Hot Steam cleaning. This method utilizes hot water, at a temperature of 50-120◦ combined with an organic cleaning agent to instantly kill microscopic organisms such as bacteria, dust mites and other germs which are growing on surfaces and within surface cracks. It also effectively dissolves dirt and eliminates unpleasant odors. The cleaning products which we use are exclusive and found only by top market leaders. Please note, they are safe around children and pets.

Not only have we expanded our workforce to ensure we have enough experts to meet the current demands during this pandemic and commute all around London, our experts are more trained than ever to ensure that we can operate in a safe and precautious manner in any environment to provide a bespoke cleaning service with extra attention to detailed.

Safety starts at home so let us all work together to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to prevent this pandemic from spreading further.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today and an expert from our team can give you a quote free of charge and get you booked in.